Getting ready to come to the United States? Every region of the United States has something unique to offer, so get ready to explore! Here’s an insider’s guide to the best of what this region in America has to offer - a list of the Top 10 Things To Do in the Carolinas.


Go see the Wild Horses

Take a trip to North Carolina’s Corolla or Shackleford Banks and catch a glimpse of the herds of majestic Banker Ponies that have roamed the land for over 400 years.


Chow down on Carolina BBQ

With dozens of distinctive pork smoking techniques and savory sauce concoctions, Carolina Style Barbeque cannot be missed. Better ask for some extra napkins...


Find a Venus Flytrap in the Wild

When’s the last time you saw a plant eat a fly? North and South Carolina are the only places on earth you can find a wild Flytrap, specifically within a 60 mile radius of Wilmington, North Carolina. Just make sure you don’t get too close!


Visit the Biltmore House

Explore the largest privately-owned home in the U.S. and its beautiful grounds. Located in Asheville, North Carolina, the estate was built in the 1890s by America’s legendary Vanderbilt family.


Take Flight at Kitty Hawk

Bring a kite to North Carolina’s Outer Banks, and make like the Wright Brothers who successfully flew the world’s first airplane on the beach here in 1903.


Hit the Road on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Dine, shop, hike, or camp your way along almost 500 miles of beautiful landscape stretching from North Carolina to Virginia. Ask one of your American friends to take you for a drive or take a charter bus tour.


Discover Charleston’s Southern Charm

Check it out y’all: harbor tours; horse-drawn carriage rides; and a historic district home to restaurants and boutiques that rival any fashion district in the country.


Eat A Peach

While in the South, don’t forget to sample this juicy fruit, which is in season from May through August. Try peaches in cobbler, pie, ice cream, or right off the tree.


Hit the Beach

Go for a walk, toss a Frisbee, or build a sandcastle. However you prefer to spend your time at the shore, the Carolinas have hundreds of miles of beautiful coastline to enjoy, from South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach to North Carolina’s Outer Banks.


Drink Cheerwine

This unique, cherry-flavor soft drink is hard to find outside the Carolinas. Don’t forget to fill up on it while you’re there!

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