I can suggest Work and Travel program for every university student who wants to live a different and gainful summer.

This summer I was a work and travel exchange student in Virginia Beach USA. I will try to mention the preparing part of this program.

Firstly I started to see some advertisements and flies in my university ;in addition one of my close friend was the representative of United Towers that I joined work and travel program via them. Under all these factors I decided to apply for the program.

After I finish the pre part of the application I have received my visa interview appointment. During the interview I tried to keep myself calm. The consul official focused on my GPA and English level. After a short while she felicitated me then I completed the application process successfully.

In my family firstly I told my mum about my zeal to join the program; at all the steps of the process she supported and motivated me. To be honest we were sharing the same expectations with her.

The biggest aim from my side was to gain an intercultural experience. develop my foreign language skills and earn a team working skills at different work places. Meanwhile I wanted to learn about the American lifestyle and culture.

When I started to preparations it was final exams term in my university because of that it was a really hard time to keep both of them in the same way but when I think about the period that I will spend in USA I was motivating myself again and again. At that point I should present my special thanks to my company United Towers. At all the steps we felt their professional overseas experience and always they found very quick solutions when we faced with a problem.

I want to mention two important factors which made the program easy. First of all the orientation program that we received in Istanbul was a very important gain for us; because before going the US we have informed about the most important points such as the state laws. our responsibilities. our rights and insurance conditions.

The second factor was we joined the program with a crowded friend group; we were 6 friends and during the program we always motivated each other and shared all the difficulties. Especially when we were renting a flat or a car we felt the convenience of being a huge group.

If I evaluate the program period I can comfortably say that it was a great experience for me. Thus I spent a great summer vacation and I had an opportunity to visit a lot of states. I believe I carried my foreign language to an acceptable level. I met with a lot of people from all around the world so I had a chance to learn about the different cultures and introduce my culture last thing I gained a work experience that I can use for my CV.

To sum up I can suggest Work and Travel program for every university student who wants to live a different and gainful summer. As I mention before preparing part for the Work and Travel program plays a key role for the pleasant future of the program. When you are informed really good about the program and when you choose a company which has sense of responsibility I can easily say that you will have a satisfactory and very gainful program. I present all my thanks and best wishes to all the officials of this program.