Summer Experience…

Fun, stress, excitement, anxiety, amusement… I had a quite extraordinary SWT experience in the United States this year. The previous year, I had been to the pretty and peaceful Camden on the beautiful Maine coast, where courteous people welcome you. All year, I looked forward to being back in that great nation, which I had learned to love.

I was pretty sure that this year’s experience would be even more perfect. My first impressions of the job were, however, more surprising than satisfying. Our job was basically selling ice creams. It sounded to be a decent job at first, but in fact it wasn’t. Every day, we went to work in fear.

The trucks we drove were almost two times older than we were. That is, every single day, something else was wrong with them. I bumped into the car in front of me one day when my truck could not stop in the supposed distance. It was raining, and the tires were too bare. Neither of my refrigerators worked the way they were supposed to, so some of my ice creams melted. That was no problem for me until one morning, when I came to work to see the biggest surprise of my summer. All of the ice creams in both of the refrigerators had melted.

A few days later, I had the unluckiest experience of my life. I was flagged down by three teenagers, who seemed to be prospective customers. When I pulled up, they suddenly entered the truck and started to kick and punch me. It all happened in a second. I couldn’t do anything. They stole my bag containing my camera, mobile phone and money. I was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with nasal and facial fractures. The shape of my nose changed slightly, and it will remain so the rest of my life. For the rest of my summer, I was stressed about the bills going up to $3000. I am still waiting for an answer from the insurance company.

The only fine memory of this ice cream job was our trip to the Niagara Falls. We all loved this beautiful place.

Later on, I started working in an amusement park, a better and safer job. I had fun enjoying the park in my free time. Besides, I had the chance to travel.

I made a list of unfortunate events that happened to me -and to some of my co-workers- and added brief explanations for each. Interestingly enough, this list by itself was close to 500 words, and if made into an essay could easily reach 2500 words.

Did this summer’s experience change the way I feel about the U.S? Well I had some of the hardest times of my life. It was a definite contrast to my previous summer. But whatever happened, I think I still love it as much as I love my home country, and I still look forward to being back there one day.