Work and Travel USA…

As we all know it’s the biggest chance and change of the students’ life by letting us explore and inspect not only other cultures but also so many new and exciting places by participating in this program. Residing in the States does not mean we only learn about American culture, besides that we learn about our WAT friends’ and other foreigners’ cultures during our time in the US. It lets us experience to be an employee no different than an American citizen with the same rights too. So we can freely say that WAT highly contributes to widen our thoughts by providing such unique opportunities.

I have been participating in this program for the last couple years and my first year of participation is way different than the second one. My first year was just so great and passed by so quickly. It was so exciting and busy with things, people, places, language, culture, US currency, food, huge cars and trucks, ocean, nature and totally new and different style of life.

This summer I got hired to work with CIEE in order to assist to the organization as a member of their Trainee Program Department in facilitating this U.S. government Exchange Visitor Program for other participants from numerous countries. My job included dealing with intricate U.S. State Department guidelines and regulations related to the Trainee program. This position brought me a deeper understanding of being an exchange student in the US and so many other crucial advantages of such programs bring into our life and career that will be with us throughout the entire life.

I’d like everyone to enjoy this American dream…

CIEE Inc. – Portland, ME – SUMMER 2007