TUGCE MExcuse me, WAT did you just call me?!

Excuse me, WAT did you just call me?!
Just a girl? Just a student? Wait what!, just a traveller?

I am more than those, dear. I am a J1! And for the ones who don’t know the meaning of it, just keep scrolling and reading!

We are young, we wanna be ‘young’. We are the ones who have big dreams and no money- or let’s say not enough money anytime. But hey, it doesn’t mean that we cannot keep dreaming big!

America was just an ocean away dream for me -an ocean and lots of miles, which is a big dream and that dream became true. Thanks to Work And Travel Programme. But what’s that WAT?

WAT is the one offers you to make your own money to travel, cool isn’t it? But it’s not the only thing that it offers. It offers you a big life lesson. It offers you to learn how to be independent, how to survive, how to create worldwide friendships, how to enjoy every moment, how to be a part of every culture. It offers you the challenge of your life. It dares you!

It’s not easy. I repeat ‘It is not easy!’, roger that? But, easy come easy go they say. You are not going to have ‘pinky pollyanna’ moments all the time, you are going to be tired, afraid, sometimes pissed off, maybe sometimes weak. But after those moments are gone, you’re gonna feel how strong you are. You are gonna feel the way I feel right now.

First day of my arrival to the U.S.A. I lost my luggage at the airport. What a start, huh? I was like ‘Uhm, okay. I accept your challenge.’ I didn’t panic at all because my advisor gave me such a cristal clear information that I was like an expert about everything even before being in the U.S.A; two days later I got my luggage back. Then I had hard times while working. Nothing to hide, sometimes I wish I could punch somebody right in the face! But instead, I ate a donut. Sometimes I felt like I cannot keep doing this anymore, then we had a party all together – as Miley said ‘Red cups are everywhere!’ Sometimes I felt homesick, then we went to New York City. I slept in a tiny bunk bed, woke up to a shiny New York day. I planned every detail and then missed my bus.

Long story in short; I lived, experienced and learned. Now I feel that I am capable of doing anything if I want to!

I’m a survivor (WAT?)
I’m not gon’ give up (WAT?)
I’m not gon’ stop (WAT?)
I’m gon’ work harder!
I’m gon’ travel even harder!

Life is all about experiences, and WAT gave me the experience of my life -away from my comfort zone, but still made me feel comfortable with the all support of CIEE and my agency United Towers, Bursa. This is the proof of that I own my life, that I broke the chains and borders. I’m out of the zone from now on.