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Hi (:

When struggling with my previous job I decided to go to abroad in order to have some education for a beneficial break not for nothing however I had limited budget and limited time . Then Hayri suggested me Intrax Professional Certificate and Internship program. I said why not but I wasn’t expecting too much because it was neither a master degree program nor long enough period to gain knowledge about courses.

After I got the education and and did the internship I changed my mind totally. Even it was short I may say you can gain good knowledge as much as possible on that period because there is a dedicated crew which try to do their best. The program includes preparing projects and presentations beside classes and exams. So you may improve your presentation and language skills as well. In addition to that doing internship in a foreign company makes you more confident and aware of outside of your country and give some different insights. Moreover having this program in ‘one of amazing cities in the world’ San Francisco was the funniest part of course.

İzlenimi İngilizce yazmamın sebebi bu program sayesinde İngilizcemi geliştirmiş olduğumu göstermektir umarım herkese faydalı olur.



Intrax – San Francisco

Program: Career Preparation Activity
Internship: ACERIS Clinical Trials and Product Testing

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