SHAH HUSSAIN JI hope and I will try my best to come back one day…

Let me start from the beginning of the journey. It was of course a childhood dream I was trying to make real with the least chances and most struggles. Finally after about 5-6 months we finalized that and we were leaving for the USA, it was unbelievable and I was feeling like I was dreaming.

Any ways, we flew to New York at first and then to the place where we were supposed to go: Wisconsin Dells the water capital of the world where every kind of parks and entertainment could be found. We settled and started to work and the amazing memories, the best days of my life’s dairy began. Working all the day with international students and talking and meeting a lot of American people in the park taught me a lot of things such as learning their culture and their lifestyle and many many more that could not be explained in a page… Different languages, different people, many different things…

I have a lot of memories left. Now it’s time to say goodbye. I didn’t notice how it passed; three months were like three days for me. Saying goodbye is and will always be difficult especially if you made some nice friends in this short period of time. After three months the end of the season came and after saying good bye to friends and other crews it is time to travel to other major and beautiful cities.

I started my travel from the skyscrapers of Chicago, it is not so crowded but with wonderful city view and lakes. Then I head to NYC, the city that never sleeps and with so many places to visit. I had a week in NYC and it was amazing every day I visited new places from Empire State to Liberty Statue, Manhattan skyline, Times Square and so many other beautiful places. Over all New York will remain in my memories as the best place I visited ever. Then I visited Washington DC the capital of USA. I visited even all the places I could in DC from White House to Lincoln Memorial, Capitol Building, Washington Monument and the Senate and Congress. I was very concerned to visit DC. Over all till now it was from my dairy I had visited and what I did in USA in these 3 wonderful months.

It’s hard to leave this place where you made so many good friends and memories but I have to go back to continue my studies. I hope and I will try my best to come back one day. Bye USA see ya soon…