UT Services and Programs

In today’s world, knowledge is the most significant element. Therefore, we aim to provide students with the right, reliable, and systematic information to lead them reach their career steps through the most prestigious educational institutions abroad, considering student?s desires. With its dynamic and innovative structure, UT has become a well-respected and known counseling provider for the students seeking assistance with their overseas education and careers.

Since our foundation, consistent with our aim; we have given guidance and consultancy services to thousand of students who would like to study foreign language education, university and certificate education in undergraduate or graduate level. Additionally, we give consultancy services to those, who graduated recently from high schools and want to participate in undergraduate programs presented by the universities and we also guide to the students at the university or in higher level to study master or to participate in internship and cultural exchange programs.

UT has been working together with the most distinguished educational institutions and the most prestigious international exchange program organizers. We are co-operating with 53 universities and more than 150 private high schools in Turkey. When students come to us for interview; we show them all alternative educational centers that we have agreement with and decide which school meets their needs, than we put them in process.

United Towers gives service to approximately 2500 students every year in the frame of educational and cultural exchange programs in USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Poland, Hungary, China, Canada, Germany, South Africa, and Malta all the year around.

Our Programs:

  • Language Training Programs (Study Abroad)
  • Summer Camps – Winter Camps (Study Abroad)
  • Diploma & Certificate Programs (Study Abroad)
  • Undergraduate Programs (Study Abroad)
  • Graduate Programs (Study Abroad)
  • Traineeship (Internship/PCT) Programs (Exchange Programs)
  • University Placement Services (Study Abroad)
  • Work & Travel Summer Program in the US (Exchange Programs)
  • Work & Study Programs (Exchange Programs)
  • H2-B Program USA (Exchange Programs)
  • Q-1 Cultural Exchange Program (Exchange Programs)

Study Abroad

Our specialists and academic advisors help individual members achieve both short and long term education goals in overseas: identifying the courses/programs most appropriate for their goals and providing an on-going and continuous support for a successful entry into their desired study programs.

We offer a wide variety of language, high school, diploma, certificate, graduate and undergraduate programs at prestigious schools and institutions all over the world.

Exchange Programs

Work & Travel Program

UT has 13 years of experience placing international students in entry-level, seasonal positions within the hospitality and tourism industries as well as in amusement parks, super markets, museums, swimming pools, and malls, etc. With having more than 1000 students every summer gives us great flexibility to meet the expectations of each employer. Employers use the Work & Travel Program year after year to find capable and motivated staff members who add diversity and a unique enthusiasm to the workplace.

This unique cultural exchange program provides employers with a reliable source of motivated seasonal employees, and it provides the students a chance to discover the people and culture of the USA while earning enough money to pay for their trip and support themselves throughout their stay.

Our Work & Travel Program Staff works closely with both participants and employers, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of both your needs and the participants interests and qualifications. Our employers range from major amusement parks and resorts to family owned inns and restaurants, and we have the experience and flexibility needed to address a wide range of staffing needs.

We conduct interviews throughout Europe and Asia before the student leaves his or her home country.

Our participants are sponsored by The Council on International Educational Exchanges (CIEE-www.ciee.org) to come to the US on a J-1 visa, which allows them to work legally for up to four months. Many employers find that our participants’ work dates fit in perfectly with their employment needs in the summer. Students arrive as early as early June and as late as mid July.

Traineeship Program

UT is offering 6 to 12 months internships and up to 18 mounts PCT progrmas in the US in the areas of hospitality, business and IT technology. These are PAID internships which will prepare the student for a career in either the tourism field or the food service industry. UT is offering this program under CIEE’s sponsorship as well. Please see the outlines by CIEE below:

CIEE is authorized by the US Department of State to sponsor eligible candidates on structured and guided work-based learning programs as part of the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program. Recently, the US Department of State published new regulations for this program category with an effective date of July 19th, 2007.

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