This is my/your/his golden opportunity…

If you look for a chance to have a good experience, going to the America will be the best way…. I mean that you really have a golden opportunity.

The adventure started in last April. I had heard United Towers from my friend who went to America. The company was so important that I had to rely on it. However my friend advised me go to wıth united towers absolutely. And then I had a conversation about what the program was and what the processes with Enes that he is my consultant and during the program always helped me. After talking I decided that I can do .They are so nice people and the ambiance made me feeling of being safe.

It was the end of April and I have a long way which was waiting for me. Visa appointment at the US Embassy excited me very much. I looked over with care of correction my English before the visa appointment. On the other hand there were no problems taking visa everything passed so easily. While the time was coming I started thinking about what will I do? What will I see? it was very hard for me but United Towers’ officers provide me being relax.

Finally days had passed the time to go on 15th of June and I was in America. I were confronted with New people, new culture new feelings. I had so many friends from several countries which are like Colombia, Taiwan, Ecuador, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Czech Republic. All of them are so good guys that I learnt lots of thing by courtesy of them.

Meeting people from different countries, cultures and religions has broadened my horizons as results I begin get used to be thinking better because you can break the prejudices. This is so major thing for everyone. Also you have information about countries’ languages; culture etc. and actually I learnt some Spanish when coming back turkey I continued to learn.

I accounted a lot of great things of course I had faced some trouble but be sure your strong friendship deal with these problems. Being realistic is the most important thing. What is more you test yourself it is golden opportunity to aware yourself. This adventure is the advantage to develop your personality.

I worked in New Jersey City in a big amusement park as a game stand attendant. It was amazing summer durıng these days I went to New York twice, Philadelphia and long island. These cities are wonderful and of course the best place New York. When I left there I felt so bad that I cried. To sum up this experience was a opportunity for me. Maybe I can go again the next year.