My experience in preparing to go to America…

People have always needed some changes in their basic life to get a good mood and to feel free beyond the casual stuff. That was why i wanted to go to USA. At this time of the world, many have a great number of reasons to see the USA. In this sense, Work and Travel program was a good opportunity for me.

Once i talked to my family about WAT, they feel up in the air for a while but then they let me go and have this great experience. After the first effects on me, I was supposed to go to American Visa Consulate. I was lucky because the interview took less than two minutes. The Consulate focused on my high grades and didn’t ask me so many questions which made me feel relaxed. After my last preparations with my agency, i headed up to airport with my two brothers and friends. My parents were also really nervous and helped me out a lot. Then, it was time for me to be ready for the dream country called USA.

My priority in attending this program was the language. I have always been interested in English language which is considered to be one of the most spoken and valid language in the world. What happen when i found myself in the middle of Manhattan, i was so confused due to difficulties in understanding people around me talking about something. But no matter what i was dealing with, i was determined enough to resolve that problem and once i got the hang of that, i was feeling so free to communicate with people.

I was working as a shop assistant in a pickle store in Manhattan. We used to have regular clients who liked eating pickle at all. I managed to establish good relationships with our customers. That was amazing to see having friends among your customers .With respect to working environment I firstly had, I can honestly clarify that it gave me a lot of useful aspects like being on the ball, waking up early in the morning, getting to know how to treat the customers with a smiley face and so on…

All in all, I strongly believe that I had great experience by attending WAT program. It was cool to improve my English besides learning and experiencing on challenging working environments. Plus, i visited many stunning places shortly before departing from New York. All i had in USA was great for me.