Best summer holiday I ever have lived …

One day, I was sitting in the cafe and talking with my friends one of them told me that one of his friends had gone to U.S by means of work and travel program which students are sponsored by the companies and started telling me the benefits of that wonderful program.

At that time I’ve asked myself why i don’t try to go? Because that was a good opportunity for me to improve my English and learn lots of things about new cultures. I was also wondering how they build their houses which is my major. In this way i started thinking and searching about that, finally i decided to go to US by means of work and travel program and my wonderful trip had been started.

I had worked at a beauty saloon which has either male or female customers in Fairfax. I have done all general duties that were cleaning around, serving stuffs, welcoming the customers etc.. in saloon . I saw that they are using really high technologies when i compare the beauty saloons they are in Turkey and US. Especially my boss and everybody in this saloon were very nice people. They had ever helped me about everything so I have really liked all of them. Of course this work was a wonderful experience for me.

I have worked as a second job at a shop that sells drinks they are called smoothie. It has lots of fruits they are fresh, some powders are as an enhancers and ice is the last one you put. After they are put in a bowl they are mixed with a blender then they are put in a bottle finally they are served to the customer. It was so funny, enjoyable and easy job for me. There were my friends they working with me at there they were foreign. They had ever helped me about job, English, adapting to US and lots of things. They were very nice people too. I had learnt a new culture, new traditions, and new perspectives about the life thanks to them.

I have traveled out of work. I have gone to Baltimore, Alexandria, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC; each of them was more wonderful than the other. I saw wonderful places they were the highest buildings I have seen all my life. I study in civil engineering that’s why i am interested in buildings they were so cool. New York was a perfect opportunity for me about the high buildings. I believe in that in the future i will do good works in civil engineering by keeping those wonderful buildings in my mind.

Consequently everything was perfect and that was the best summer holiday i ever have lived before. I believe in that the things i have learnt this summer will help me at all my life and my job life. I have done the best thing by deciding to go to US and going to there. I realized that also my English is really better than it was last year but i think that i need one more year practice about English to talk and understand English well. I don’t regret i have gone to US and done all those activities. I will try to go to US again next summer holiday i hope that everything will go perfect this time too…