NURAY OMy 2016 Summer…

It was an amazing summer. I was nervous before I went. But I always say that; if you have nice people around you, you will have nice time. A place can be better just with people. I was sooo lucky; at my housing and work I had really good relations. I believe that one day I will meet with those nice people again.

Normally, at my city in my home country, we don’t have snow. And the city which I lived in the States had snow. Imagine a city; you can do a snow man when you have just shirt on you. First time I had this kind of experience. Even I played with snow in summer, it means a lot for me.

I saw really special and important places in the States. My favorite ones are Yellowstone National Park and New York. Do you want a photo with a bison? Or a photo on a stone in a river? Maybe you just want have a barbecue… Yellowstone is one of the best places for those.

And, New York! It was my reason for W&T program. It wasn’t beyond my expectations after spending time in an amazing city İstanbul. But I had fun. It was nice to see popular places which I knew from movies and TV series.

I wrote just good things. Maybe you are thinking; didn’t you have any bad moments? Of course I had, but when you focus this kind of positive points, negative small things can be negligible.

Don’t be afraid to go like I did. And please don’t forget that we are young, we have time and energy to have experience. Just break your sets and become a part something nice. I can’t say my city was perfect or I can’t say this city is perfect. Because nowhere is perfect without you. As I told you don’t be afraid just do it! :)