My Work & Travel…

You always can’t have second big chance in your life. Once you get it, you should appraise it. I got this big and very important chance twice: last year and 2 years ago. I joined two times this program.

What was the chance? It was the program itself. When I applied I believed that I would make it and I would improve my self for my future. When I went to USA Consulate to get the visa in Turkey they welcomed me very nicely. So I was relaxed and I got the USA Visa very easly. It got just 2 minutes.

First year I worked for a very big hotel, Courtyard by Marriot Hotel in Virginia Beach. I stayed four months there. These four months were a wonderful summer in deed. I will never forget. And it is the most importart memory in my life. In four months I saw USA people very friendly and philanthropic. My hotel manger always helped me for my job.

When I came back to my country from USA I didn’t want to come back to my country because I liked the USA very much. I came back my counrty I would like to go to USA again By Work & Travel Program. And I was third class in my university so I could apply again this program and it was the last opportunity for me. I applied again to WAT. I went to Connecticut/ USA with my girlfriend and many friends. I advised this program to them. They liked and they would like to join this program. in 2005 summer. I was an ice-cream saler. It was very nice job. I liked it very much. Really this summer was beter than 2004 Summer. Because I was well experienced. During 3 months I had many American friends. I walked many placs and states with my friends. Especially we went to SIX FLAGS in Massachusetts.

I joined 2 times this program. And I improved my self very much. For example; before I didn’t join this program I couldn’t not speak and write English, I couldn’t work anywhere in confort because I didn’t have any self- reliance and I couldn’t make plans for my future.

So The USA taught met hat I trust myself, always think positive, make plan for future, choose real way on my future and the most important Englishi speaking and writing. Briefly the USA taught me “How I live for future”. This is very important for me.

By the way, I grutuated from my university this year. Now I work in a hotel. But I am conscious that I will learn very important about Tourism and hospitality industry so I am going to aplly 18 months hospitality training program in USA and when I will come back 18 months later with invbaluable experiences for my career.