MUHTEREM SI wanna tell you how great my summer was…

Hey guys I am Muhterem. Actually I don’t know how to explain my feelings so I wanna tell you how great my summer was. Firstly I wanna thank for god and my supervisor Mr. Mustafa Ozdemir from Bursa Office secondly I know that you wonder about my excellent experiences about Usa.
You guys I visited Virginia Beach, it was a fantastic Ocean is great if you wanna do surf there that’s why I chose this city so i liked it nowadays my mind so complex I can say I confused when I come back Turkey because spent very great time in Usa the whole summer. After Virginia Beach my first destination was Washington DC also that city has many places for tourists and for wat students you guys you should go there if you have a chance, first go to the capitol and then you should go Lincoln Memorial because if you arrive 6 or 7 pm there you can have very fantastic pics and videos after that if you save more money going Key West, is southernmost point and distance to Cuba just 90 miles and you can get sunset and take a pics and then my next destination of course Miami, Florida that has very nice beach and night life, in Miami I rent a Mustang a very nice price with mind great friends, with Mustang we come over all of Miami it was unbelievable for us we thought we were rich hehehe!

After traveling with car we all together went to Miami beach we played volleyball, American Football at the beach it was great and also jogging, running, walking on the beach with friends staying great hotels like kings especially our accommodation was fabulous when you enter the hotels you are thinking I am rich or not because of the welcoming and serving that great staffs that’s why this my The last and best destination for wat students I think that of course New York City. If wanna see Liberty Square, Times Square, Manhattan bridge, Fifth Avenue, Central Park, night clups, Chinatown and the others just go and gonna see New York is great or not Thanks for god Thanks for Mustafa Ozdemir to give me this extraordinary change ;)