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Hello Ozgul!
I feel very different because when I went to Oxford it was very difficult for me because I left my parents first time in my life.
After that I liked my school,teachers and friends. My school was wonderful and my teachers were very helpful.They helped me everytime and about everything.
While I was coming here; I was very upset because I didnt want to leave my teachers and friends. After that  I realized that I got used to Oxford very much.
When I started The Oxford English Centre,my level was Pre-Intermediate after 6 months my level changed it became upper-intermediate. I am satisfied about my English and it really improved.
Now I am again in Oxford and studying at the same school for 7 months more and my aim is to have my Masters degree at a university in Oxford.
Thank you very much for everything and for your help!

Müge Kars,
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