MERVE OHello there!

In these rapidly evolving world, from A to Z, from 7 to 70 self-development of every human being is very important. Where you are, where you live, how old you must be, religion, language, race, gender… etc. They should not cause you a place for you to develop your own income a child can learn something from the place comes a baby is trying to tell you something. From time to time, one can listen to your uncle or your grandfather’s advice.

Sometimes, when you listen to experiences, ıt helps you to show the way. So how do I earn experience? Here our efforts right here actually begins. And best of our period we are in this initiative .Young people to develop themselves in many national and international projects, camps, organizations and many similar options . Many thanks to them for the opportunity to learn a lot of different issues going on. For example, these types of organizations, involved participants from all over the globe, you know their culture. In addition, your experience is going abroad. In addition to this training receive very different. This training that you receive, you can use later in your life. This type of project and training, as well as your personal life affect your social life as well as your business life. Your organization by attending this myself, I think I can add something more, and so I applied. Because; I think that it gives a lot of things in my life and myself. So who am I and why I agree here? You a little about myself I’d like to.

I am Merve Özçiçek. I was born 10 of September 1991 in Izmir. I was a student in elementary, middle school and high school in Izmir and I was succeed. In high school I studied science and mathematics. I was graduated from the Department of Textile Engineering in Pamukkale University. Through my university, I had the opportunity to learn many languages. Fashionable chose this part because I’m interested.

I can explain my reasons to contact you in the following way. First, because of my interest in America. My interest in America began with an interest in economics. Assistance and strategic thinking to other countries which had impressed me. I want to join this organization. Because, firstly, I love to talk with new people. So, I am having a ideas about their culture and upbringing. When I live and work there, ıt would add the following: Ability to communicate with different cultures, I watch movies where the characters lived to see the hero, to improve myself in every area and I am thinking that I can make out limit increase. In addition, I would like to talk with peoples who are American’s and living in the difference American cities, and to ask them what I didn’t know something and I hope to explore them.