MEHMET SIRIN CIt was really a fantastic experience…

Imagine you are in paradise! Everywhere is green; everybody respects, smiles, and greets you! I have never seen anywhere like it in my hometown. Thanks to Squaw Valley and its people.

I don’t know where I should start. There are a lot of things to write about. Things like animals (bears, squirrels, rabbits and woodpeckers), the mountains, nice people, and more.

I had an amazing summer in Squaw Valley. It was the quickest summer of my life. I remember the first day; I thought I was in the middle of hell. That was the first time I was 6,000 miles away from home. Although good or bad I experienced a lot of things. On the first day I was spoke with my brother, I told him “I cannot live here and work here. It is super boring here, I don’t want to stay. I want to come home as soon as possible”. But what happened? I changed my mind. It did not happen suddenly, but step by step. I tried to be honest with myself, I told myself many times work hard and good things will come, and they did! I worked hard and I did my best and I was nominated player of the month for high camp (Squaw Valley). Not only did I work here, I also had fun working here. Meanwhile I had a chance to learn about the new culture here. Every single day I woke up curious. I thought “what is waiting for me today?” It was really a terrific experience. All of my co-workers were amazing, we made a good team.

Megan, my manager, was the nicest person I have ever met. She was very helpful with everything. For example, I had stomach surgery and she would come visit me at the hospital every day. Once I was discharged she helped me with everything. She would always make sure I was feeling ok. She was like my sister; I will never forget her for her kindness. If you come here you will understand what I am talking about. Mike and Bobby my supervisors were nice too. They were both very helpful, and I learned a lot from them. It was very beneficial for me to work with them.

I have never seen guests like the guests at Squaw Valley. They were very polite, understandable and smiling all of the time. Squaw Valley resorts promises guests the best day you can have and this is of course what they deserve.

Squaw Valley is small village, so almost everybody knows one another, especially if you work in a public place. Everyone will recognize you. Be careful, people like to gossip.

The weather here changes a lot. Mornings here are chilly, but it warms up in the afternoons and the night stays warm. Between June and August it is hot, but in September it starts to cool down. The first snow was in early September.

In short, you should be here. You will see it’s an indescribable place, and you will remember what I wrote about here. I hope you get a chance to come here one day.

Wish you all the best!