Reality Of Dreams…

First i wanna say about my trip that, this was the one of most important time in my life.. i know every person has same feelings after visiting a foreign country..But United States was
different.cuz you can meet lots of people from all over world.

I stayed in Virginia Beach about 2 months during my working time. And i found lots of times for sighteeing around this town. It was a nice holiday city with its hotels long beach, arts and musics. I saw lots of social activity there..

I’m architecture student and, joining activities, learning postmodern culture, sightseeing was the most important things for me. İ always explore some stuffs about my subject.

I worked in 7-eleven store that is only one store in atlantic ave. I had chance to meet lots of people. Because lots of tourist ‘ve to come this store for shoping and local people around there.

I met one of person whose name is jason. He is one of my best friend now. He was playin guitar and making reggaee musing with his friends. İ joined them with turkish melody.

People liked these kind of music and they’ve started to wonder traditional musics and its instruments in turkey.

After 2 weeks later i start to work in a architectural firm in Virginia beach. I worked on a 5 buildings with its landscape Project. İt was great experience for me about my subject.

I’ve learned lots of things about american art and architecture. I met some friends who interested arts and architecture, and we explored building that are Frank Lloyd Wrights.

During my travel time i visited richmond williamsburg Washington DC, Philedelphia,
New York.. i visited about 20 museum. My ideas’ve almost changed about world people culture, art and architecture.. i understand that i’ve learned postmodern world well. I hope i ll visit US again may be for education .. to complete learning postmodern world..

I couldn’t forget times during staying US. I couldn’t forget kind peoples and this words “how r u doin? What’s up” …