ILAYDA ASLANBOGA - 27515487099CYour body is poetry, speak to me.
Let me be your rhythm today!

Everyone has a turning-point in their life. Mine is the day when I come to America! I was thinking about this Work and Travel program when I first heard it. Actually, I couldn’t even believe first that it exists. I mean I didn’t think I can do it. Then, I made a small search to find something believable out. I realized those days that my life will change so much. I was right. Cause here I am in America! I waited so loong for this summer. It is worth, though! It is worth learning different cultures even co-workers’ ones, making new lovely friends and having a lot of beautiful memories!

I have lived everything in this life including the worst and the best. However, nothing in this world has made me this happy so far. I made more friends here than even in Turkey. I know them now! I had a pretty big international family here thanks to this program.

Every morning, I wake up with the beautiful creek sound which gives me positive energy. Seeing smiling faces each morning in the break room makes my life work better. I mean, their smile and happiness gives me inspiration.

I am almost done working now. I am gonna travel to see some intriguing stuff. I also missed my family a lot, but I still don’t want to leave from this amazing place.

When it comes to the experiences that I had, I can’t tell you exactly what I have now. Cause they are quite many. I am sure now I can find the power to do whatever I want to. When I decided to start this journey, I was both excited and scared. I just believed in myself, though. Just think about it! How challenging can it be? I do know now. It is not that hard. I am so happy to be in this colorful bubble… Which makes me feel like it is never gonna end.

I want to end it telling you that;

Don’t be scared to touch the drops of rain. Let the rain wash away all the fear of yesterday. Don’t be afraid to cross the ocean and come to live this summer in America!