HAVVA UI could not imagine that i was going to say that “I am going to miss here, i do not want to leave”.

I remember the very first day i got here on the June 18. I was homesick, upset, stressed and all the other feelings that made me think that i wanted to go back. Shortly, i was a fish out of water. It did not take a long time to overcome all those feelings. When looking back it is unbelievable that it has been three months.

At the very beginning it was so hard to believe that i was in America. However, as the time passed by, I started to love my job and crew. Cedar Point makes a promise to the guests to give them the best day experience in the park. I could not imagine that I was going to have the best summer ever while I was trying to give the best day experience. I could not imagine that i was going to say that “I am going to miss here, i do not want to leave”. I wanted to record every single detail this summer. Because not only did I work here, but also made friends from all over the world who made my summer. I got the chance of interacting with people everyday and telling them about my country and culture. Meanwhile, I got ample scopes for getting to know other cultures which broadened my horizon. In other words, having this chance means I got to become a global citizen. Every single day I was really curious about what was waiting for me at my ride. It was awesome that people remember you and want to take a picture with you just because you are an international. It was amazing that how my co-workers welcomed me and made this summer an unforgettable one for me.

I cannot ignore how much this experience contibuted to my character and the way I handle with the problems. Besides, I saved a lot of fun events, stories and experiences about which I look forward to tell to my family and friends. I count myself lucky for getting the chance of experiencing a completely different culture in such an enjoyable way. I count myself lucky for making lifelong friendships that are the reasons to come back to United States another time. It was the best summer I have ever had. If I had the chance, I would recommend it to everyone. You cannot believe that how much you love all those people that you didn’t even know just a few months ago. I got all these chances and understood that you realise your dream here if you want to have unforgettable time with amazing people.