A Perfect Summer…

I went to America last summer with work and travel. Honestly, I regret not going before this year. I like America and I want to go I hope I am going to finish my university this year so I can go there for a master program. I wish I went to America 2 years ago. So I could go for 2 times more.

When I was in America I saw that American people are so free. And they all are happy. So they do their job with love. When I was working in America, the other workers helped me too much and when the customers learn I am in America with work and travel, they always wanted to help me and they like me.

Life in America is very enjoyable. It’s not like Turkey. I mean that nobody interfere with your personal life. After work you’re free. And in America, all people obey the rules and if anybody makes mistake, they call the police. They all respect to the policeman and I think they are afraid of them.

My program was perfect. I didn’t think that it would be so good but it was wonderful. Everybody helped me too much. From my boss to the workers, they all helped me. And my company from Turkey, they always sent me e-mails and they asked if every thing is okay or not. But yes, every thing was all right. And in my free days I went to see the other states and I thing all states have special things. When I see different places, I could not believe because I saw the places in my dreams!

Shortly, I am very happy to join this program because I think I develop my spoken English effectively. Before this program, sometimes I didn’t understand American people because they were speaking fast for me. But now, I can understand every single word! So I am happy. Thank you very much for creating this chance for us.