The Last Time…

It was my second but last time coming to you, America. Last summer was an unusual experience for me but it wasn`t enough to discover you and I think it was this dissatisfaction from last summer this time which motivated me to come again and give myself a second chance to fully enjoy you. Nevertheless, this summer must have been a lot different than the last summer, I had to live you, taste you, and enjoy you to the deepest satisfaction. After all this was being my LAST coming to you!

The scenario had been written beforehand as this flight was just an insignificant, ordinary part of that scenario which must have been acted. The person flying was me who was totally unaware of her leading role in this exhilarating, fanciful play which would take place in Philadelphia… Actually it was my last time coming to you as I said before. That’s why I brought my friends to better feel the taste of you and my last college summer holiday. Ironically, those friends were those whom I would be together with after a very long time even though we were both in our home country and doing same things and attending very casual daily lives, however, not being able to find a chance to meet each other and do something unusual, extraordinarily, playful so that we would all remember for the rest of our lives and right here at this point, this quizzical game and our destination was determined by some god known hand. And also my friends were unaware of their part in the game as they were the actresses. Then, the game started, as I came to Philadelphia and met my American friends. Despite having some trouble and adaptation problems during the first days in this entirely new and different place, I did not give up my hope which I had before beginning of the game. Admittedly, as it would be everywhere in the world, I met and experienced some deceitful attitudes, looks, actions towards me and towards the understanding of our own values. However, I never let those deluding and frosty looks destroy my desire to live you and remember you as unforgettable.

As the time was passing by, I was acting my role in accordance with what had written in the script. Hadn’t I only the will and fortune to change or affect what was happening but also I had no strength or idea about how to quiet the voice coming from far deep inside my heart. Anyway, I was continuing the stage as lingering around, going sightseeing, working at the place I was assigned to and meeting many more new people every other day. It was one of these ordinary days, the most important part of the game was being performed. My eyes found some cozy looks and caught sincere smiles. For the first time the heartbeats were so quick and the hands were so warm that I could not have found this very same warmth anywhere before and the ears hadn`t heard any of such fascinating words. Now I can understand why deceitful smiles and frosty looks welcomed me first. The rule was clear: Understanding the importance of realization of something, first you should feel the sorrow of absence of it. So the deceitful smiles and frosty looks were all for teaching me the importance of cozy looks and sincere smiles.

The reason for coming to you was now conspicuous, it was neither the dissatisfaction I felt last summer nor the adventure I am having this time, the reason, which was unknown before, just came together with him. Actually what I was doing was just acting the game as it was written. Sometimes the tears, sometimes losses, sometimes gains, sometimes smiles decorated the scenario but all these performed actions were only the beginning of the scenario. The story had just started, maybe the actors and actresses would change over the given time of my summer holiday but leading role would be shared by him and me.

As the time was passing by, we were coming to the edge of the heartrending part of our story. It was that time for separation of those two hands in a hope to reunion and they were those eyes that wouldn`t feel that cozy look in such a close distance for a long time, the sincere smile would be just seen in the dreams until the next summer and the given promises were just the proof of this love. It was the truth that I wouldn`t forget you, America and it wouldn`t be the LAST TIME visiting you until he lived with you!