EZGI DIt’s a dream came true…

Shootout to all travellers and explorers there waiting for the greatest blessing that can ever be sent to anyone from the ones adventured the waste lands of pure joy and eternal freedom!

No one feels like to call WAT a program for sure, it’s a dream came true, especially for us children who grew up by watching those cartoons with ıce cream trucks, yellow school buses, American youth drinking from red plastic cups and enjoying peaceful deeps and waves of Atlantic Ocean.

And as one truly and totally feels like a New Yorker now , I am really thankful first to myself who felt brave enough to travel between continents without any doubt and secondly to United Towers who made me feel safe, happy and supported in every second of my adventure.

WAT is way more than being a tourist in another country. İt means more like being one of them. Window-shopping on 5th Avenue or getting lost in characteristic ghettos of Lower East Side at the same time is not an opportunity that can be offered to one every day. Not everyone can be in direct contact with local people from suburbia’s of South or meet millionaires in Montauk. And, congratulations, you are one of them lucky ones!

Each of us might have some difficulties of course because none of your bosses will treat you like a student, we were all newbies at first and made mistakes, sometimes had to deal with ‘not-that-lovely’ I can call, co-workers or customers but let me tell you something, it helps! For me as a 4th grade student, now I feel like I can handle each and every job that I can have in my country because I managed between people from a different state of mind.

Sometimes we heard Turkısh people around complaining, because they missed our traditional food but all of those longings and yearnings only last till the day you taste American BBQ on 4th of July, just saying! You are going to miss your traditional music until you enjoy a karaoke bar on a rooftop. Today is my 2nd day in my country. I already missed States a lot and my huge amount of friends-colleagues from a ginormous variety of countries, which helped me a lot about learning different accents of English. I started to think about going back on the first second that I set foot in Turkey.

Everyone is more than brave, and there is nothing to be scared about in States actually, your happiness is going to hug you so tight that nothing can touch you! Get your toe-hold and try to be one of them wild youth, 18 in the middle of Miami, LA or Cincinnati. Get tired between your shifts, get dirty during your travel part, sometimes find yourself with only 1 dime in your pocket and later on be ready to be one of those people who can shop in an Apple Store for hours and hours. It’s worth it!