An Unforgettable Summer…

Since from my childhood, I always dreamt about going to America, maybe I was so impressed of American movies. Finally on 2005’s summer, I made my dreams come true.

My adventure started when I got on the plane, my plane ride to America was soo exciting, I was alone and I was flying to a foreign country, thousand miles away from my own country. When I arrived to Dulles Airport, my company’s employee met me, he was waiting with a blond girl, and lately she became my best friend in America. The first thing I noticed in America was wide roads, with several lanes and huge trucks that American people used to drive. I was soo impressed of the view I saw from the car window. That day was first step to my new life.

I did lifeguarding in America, to be a lifeguard; vigilance and responsibility is the main point. Actually during the time I spent in America I learned what responsibility and vigilance was. I worked in a very nice pool with very nice guests .We called the people coming to our pool as our guests ,we were the hosts of the pool and they were our guests .We had a great communication with them ,especially with the kids. The kids were soo interested at lifeguarding .The thing which I miss most is, the kids calling me Miss Lifeguard .We improved really very permanent friendships in America, I am still in contact with my friends. I had lots of friends from different nationalities .Polish, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Russian, and Bulgarian and of course American. I used to live with a Hungarian and a Polish girl ,three different cultures in the same house ,it was an interesting and funny experience for me .At nights we were talking about our national habits, traditions and our country’s history .Of course some nights we had international parties .We invited all our lifeguard friends ,our guests from the pool. We had really fun.

I worked in Laurel in Maryland. It was close to Washington D.C so couple of times I went to D.C. I visited Capitol, White House, Monument, most of the museums and galleries .I even saw John Carry.Georgetown was also a very nice place for us, with that lovely cafe’s laying along the Potamac River. I have tasted alligator in one of that Cafe’s. Actually I didn’t know what alligator was ‘till I look it up from dictionary. At the end of summer I visited New York, a very amuzing city .I was spelled when we firstly arrived to New York. Skyscrapers, an incredible subway, avenues, streets and much more. I saw Liberty Statue, Central Park, Times Square and Empire States. The day that I went to New York was my birthday. Looking to New York from the top of Empire States was my best birthday gift in my life.

That summer was my best summer, an unforgettable one. I will always remember that summer with a big smile upon my face.