My Key Chain…

To me, human life is a maze full of different paths. And being an explorer inside of it means being courage enough to encounter with unexpected results. Who explores something new, somewhere no one has been to, a fruit nobody tastes, a fragrance no one else smell yet is the one who is trying to find brandnew senses, points and meanings in life. I guess this is how I have taken my next path in my maze.

I was sitting in embassy with my number six-zero-eight and my knees were shaking for the first time in my life, I was watching and trying to control them but it didn’t work. Then the signboard lighted up with number six-zero-eight. It was the longest thirty seconds of my life. Embassy official gave me the key, showed me the way and I walked away. It was like a computer game that i was passing one lap to another. The bags were filled and all best wishes came out of mouths, all tears fell down and family left behind. It was time to a new door because it was my first time in an airplane. I was kind of anxious. Almost eleven hours passed, time zone changed, life zone changed and especially soul zone changed. Now, I was like a little and legal-worm on a “Big apple”, in New York City. Different faces, different voices and long rail-ways until I arrived my small town that I will spend my summer. How pretty was it, just like i saw in my dreams? I was knocking on a new door. That time, I had no key, but I knew that I have companions who will open the door. I was right. They were Russian people in my fate. I turned into Alice in Wonderland and we spent a hundred days, ten people in a house in wonderland. We cooked, we ate, we cried, we laughed, we sang songs all together. In the end I even gave us a name: Multilingual Emotions Kingdom.

Now, I know that my eyes looked out of a window that others passed over in their life, I know that I’m strong enough to open locked doors by myself, every single day in United States, in New Jersey, in my small town Point Pleasant was a golden key to me and I am so glad to have such a precious key chain in my pocket.

http://www.yelp.com.tr/biz/united-towers-yurtdışı-eğitim-danışmanlığı-istanbul (23/10/2015 tarihine ait bir güncellemedir.)