//CEM M.

Experience a different summer…

My name is Cem Mavruk. I am from Turkey. I am a student and studying civil engineering. I am sophomore. I participated in the Work and Travel USA program last summer.

Many people around me had been to the US. The advantages of being in United states, as I heard from them, increased my wish to be in United States. For example their good experiences, the chance of improving English, to meet new people and new cultures affected me. Those were the main messages helping me make up my mind. So I decided to apply for Work and Travel USA program. In the beginning I was very excited. Despite the all good memories of my friends I was curious about it. Because, I have never and ever been on abroad before that would be a big experience for me. Time flew like a river. Similarly, questions in my mind became more and more. Until I got on the plane everything was like a dream. But after the plane took off i faced with the reality that I was not in my home country any more. I was there: America. The first days were difficult for me like everybody’s. I had difficulties in getting used to the life there. But all the time I thought about the advantages of being on this program, I believed that everything would be ok. Life was getting better and better day by day. I was working and I was travelling in my free times. I liked to live like that. When the time to leave came, I was very sad. Because, I did not want to return.

I can say that it was the best summer I have ever had.

Çukurova University
Textile Engineering – 2nd Year