Meeting of Civilizations…

A new culture, a new life, new friendships and America… In other words: “America, full of adventures”.

I attended work and travel program firstly last summer. A more different world than I had experienced before embraced me there. Of course I had things to do before going to the USA: first step was choosing the company to accompany me. To be honest, I thought that it was just like a piece of cake; however, it was the most important part of going abroad. Choosing the right company was an important issue to be taken care of.

I decided to research United Towers after a friend’s advice and I had chance to meet my consultant, Ece. They welcomed me in such a sincere way that I decided to be a member of United Towers family. The excellent atmosphere there made me think that I had made the best decision.

It was November and there was a long way waiting for me. Visa appointment at the US Embassy amazed me very much. I revised my English before the visa appointment and could not get asleep early. Although I had visa appointment at 7.30,it was 7.25 when I woke up. I thought it was the end of my America dreams, but somehow I managed to have the visa confirmed in a hurry. Gates of America were open for me fully that time. Time passed quickly and it was the 13th of June. After a long flight, I arrived into Detroit. Then another flight to Cleveland and finally I was in Cedar Point Fun Park, Ohio.

I did not know what kind of adventures were on the way. Sometimes excitement, sometimes fun and sometimes the feeling of homesickness and missing my family made me feel mixed up. I was in America. Here, new feelings were waiting for me. I had many friends from several countries such as America, Russia, Kazakhstan, Taiwan, China, Romania, Macedonia, Hungary, Colombia, Ecuador etc. That is, I had friends from all over the world. That is why I chose the title as “meeting of the civilizations”. I am still in contact with those friends and we are still talking about the days we had in America. Be sure that it is the best way to learn about other cultures and languages. I had chance to teach Turkish and learn English and a little bit of Spanish. It was an opportunity not to be missed.

Meeting people from different countries, cultures and religions has broadened my horizons. I think that if people from different cultures respect to others’ opinions and break the prejudices, there will be nothing to be called as a problem. I have witnessed several situations. We should know how valuable friendship is, so a culture mosaic can be composed.

Of course we had faced some problems but our strong friendship had managed to overcome all of the problems. The important thing is being realistic. If you make effort for your goals, be sure that, this will add you lots of positive features. Just specify your aims, and know what you want and never give up. The most important part of this program is the advantages it adds to your personal development.

When I realized what I mentioned above, I was in Cedar Point. I worked there for about 3 months as a Ride Host. Every day was very special for me. When September began we started to wander around big and beautiful cities and landscapes such as Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Niagara Waterfalls and finally New York… They were all cool places. While wandering around, especially in New York, I felt like an actor in an American film. Like any good memory, it lasted very short. End of that sweet adventure came quickly leaving good memories, close friendships and experience of working and being abroad. It was time to return home. I had such a big homesickness that any human should experience to know my situation.

In conclusion, I would like to thank to United Towers family, especially Ece, to help me have the chance to get that experience and good memories there. Do you wonder what will I do next summer? I think I will be in America again… To go to America, a long way and United Towers are waiting for me again… See you!!!