America: a point which can’t go for someone, in regard to someone a target which will go to one day. See! America wasn’t a dream; America was a target for me. I executed it this summer whit WAT program. When I got the Washington DC, I felt an eternal freedom there. I’ll tell about eternal freedom.

Everybody was telling about America before when I went to America; Good or bad. But America is a country of freedoms I felt that. If you give to harm anybody, you can do everything.

I met a lot of friend and i won a good deal of lover, I learned the life and I learned to the alone survival. I understood what the meaning of freedom is and what the meaning of democracy is as well.

I was a sales clerk and I was working a park, I saw to this; this racial discrimination isn’t valid in America; you’re just American because there was American, Turkish, Russian, Bulgarian, Mexican, black, white, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist and more others. There isn’t a fight with each other. Everybody is from America and everybody is free.

We some laugh now. First of all I missed the plane when I went to Washington DC. Naturally I didn’t know English well. I asked the black women “where is the plane” and she gave answer to me whit a resident sound tone “the plane has taken off” I amazed and what should I do? I went to customer service, I amazed again because: gentleman didn’t shout me. He said to me “OK! I will solve it” eventually he gave me a ticket for the Cincinnati. A person who will be my boss took me by airline and he was getting around me. Everywhere was sweaty and everywhere was green as well. We arrived at the park the end of the way. This place was a wonderful. The best toys on the world; countless pizzas and most of them. I was champing for working here, I was started to work in long run. Everything was very beautifully was happy because I was meeting different person everyday it was being happy to me as needed my naturally. I loved my manager and I loved my colleague as well.

I was writing name on rice. One day; I wrote the name, actually I was wrote true, but he gave the rice necklace again. He said me “JIJI” He said true and I understood true, but he said English I understood Turkish. Actually something that he wants to said “GIGI” I have laugh, I wrote again and the small girls was very happy.

Three months has passed and this time name was back to home. I was being happy and I was being worry as well. I’m in Turkey now but I miss The America
I kiss you freedoms country I don’t forget you forever.