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Respect to knowledge and work…

Shakespeare says,” What is seen is not always what is real.” Before I went to the USA I had some prejudges about culture, beliefs, and working life in the USA because of the oppressive behavior of world mass and media. However I saw that I was wrong about my bias, and I realized that USA is really opportunitive for educated people. There are lots of positive aspects of the USA, but three of them are the most important ones for me.

First of all, USA citizens respect to knowledge, work and endeavor. They like and help people who work harder, and who aim to get knowledge for success. They believe that the aspect of man that makes him human is intelligence, and the discovery of this depends on education.

Secondly, USA respects other languages, beliefs, races, and other denominations. Maybe you are an atheist or agnostic, or you are a communist, whatever you are, whatever your social beliefs, your religion, you live in
peace in the USA. There are lots of people from other countries, especially from the Far East, and Middle East, who live in prosperity and peace in USA. They are very successful, because USA cares human and education. Therefore USA is the political, military, and economic leader of the world.

Thirdly, in spite of all the rumors about its support to the terrorism, the USA continues to create the democracy, and defend human rights in the world. People who live in USA seem happy. Because they are free to do anything they want to do. I learned how I can be happy, and why I must be happy from the USA citizens.

In conclusion, according to illegal organizations, when we look at the history of USA we get some information about bad characters of USA citizens!

USA has its own aims to continue its existence like other countries. This is moral. I learned that mass and media does not determine the difference between good politics, or bad politics of USA, but history determines. World people have understanding to distinguish what is real, and what is not. Is the USA really reliable country or not? I experienced the life style of USA, and realized that USA respect education, work, and human rights.